Enhancing and Enriching the Entire Curriculum



At Hewitt, the arts enhance and enrich the entire curriculum. Arts education at Hewitt affords girls the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world by taking creative risks, thinking independently, working collaboratively, and exploring visual and performative art from around the world. Through an array of artistic experiences — classes, rehearsals, dramatic productions, concerts, and exhibitions — Hewitt girls have opportunities to explore and nurture their own creative abilities, and to analyze, challenge, and connect.



Hewitt’s enviable proximity to New York’s great cultural institutions enables students to experience and learn from the city’s abundant artistic resources. Whether visiting world-famous art institutions, gathering at local galleries, or observing public works hidden in plain sight, Hewitt students interact with art in a meaningful and intentional way that connects back to their own artistic creation.

Student actors, dancers, musicians, and stage crew members rehearse and perform in a professional theater, working and learning alongside NYC-based musicians and designers from the orchestra pit to the lighting booth.

In addition to annual concerts and exhibitions organized by division, students also have the opportunity to submit works to Hewitt’s arts and literary magazines and national competitions sponsored by Scholastic and Photographer's Forum. Outside of Hewitt, our musical ensembles perform at the NJSMA (New Jersey School Music Association) Elementary Choral Celebration at Drew University, the Riverside Handbell Festival, and the NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) Solo Instrument Festival.

Performing Arts Offerings

  • Choir
  • Strings
  • Upper School Chamber Orchestra
  • Handbells
  • Guitar
  • Drama
  • Introduction to Acting
  • Intermediate/Advanced Acting
  • Dance Composition
  • Dance Technique and Styles
  • Upper School Drama Production
  • Middle and Upper School Musical
  • Middle School Musical
Four students wear black dance clothing and perform on a blue-lit stage

Righteous! A Revue of Women in Theater

Students stand in rows singing at a concert

Lower school choir

Middle school string musicians play outside of Hewitt

Middle school strings

Two students act on stage. They sit in front of an old green and brown trunk and hold a packet of paper and baseball

The Resolute: All Hands In

Two students wear party hats and dance on stage

Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical

Two students on stage during a production of Oliver


Three students on stage mid-dance. They are wearing black, red, and bright orange.

Seussical Jr. 

Students play baseball on stage in colorful skirts

The Resolute: All Hands In

Hewitt's upper school choir singing during a performance

Upper school choir

A student makes an angry face at the audience. She is wearing all black and holding a green plant.

Seussical Jr. 

The cast stands together on stage in white and blue shirts and colorful skirts

The Resolute: All Hands In

Students stand in rows singing with their arms up above their heads

Lower school choir

Students stand on stage on large wooden blocks with their hands in the air

Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical

A student makes a note on her sheet music while holding her violin

Middle school strings

A group of dancers dressed in black move as a cluster on stage

Upper school dance

A student holds a microphone and speaks to the audience. She wears a wide brimmed hat and cat face paint.

Seussical Jr. 

A group of student actors stand in a half circle on stage

Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical

Six actors on stage, which is designed to look like a soccer field, during a performance of The Wolves

The Wolves

Seven actors on stage during a performance of The Addams Family

The Addams Family

An overhead shot of middle school strings players and their conductor

Middle school strings

Five actors on stage in a scene from The Children's Hour

The Children's Hour

Two students on a colorful stage. One is sitting on the ground, the other stands and sings.

Seussical Jr. 

Visual Arts Offerings

  • Studio Art
  • Ceramics
  • 3D Art and Design
  • Art and Coding
  • Digital Photography
  • Filmmaking
Two students draw self-portraits using photographs as their guide

Intro to Studio Art: Elements of a Creative Process

Two students wear orange aprons and paint a mural of a tree on the wall

Mural painting with stencils

A student recreates a photo of a hand over an eye using charcoal and pencil

Intro to Studio Art: Elements of a Creative Process

A student wears a yellow shirt and holds up her hand, which is covered in clay

Working with clay

A student in a white shirt and black glasses draws a sheep, observing a small toy sheep on her desk

Drawing from observation

A group of students in red t shirts stuff tufts of white cotton into their cloth dolls.

Making pillow dolls inspired by the work of artist Della Wells

A student works on a colorful drawing of a flower against a black background

Studio Art 

A student in a red shirt paints a sculpture made of different shapes and pieces of wood.


Two students stand in Central Park holding DSLR cameras

Digital Photography

Upper school students construct lanterns out of laser cut wood panels

Design and Making

Scope and Sequence